Proteomics approaches are essential to both clinical and basic research to study diseases at protein level and to help understand the underlying mechanisms.

Founded in 2004, PPN mission is to enable Necker teams to succeed in their proteomics projects and it is open to research institutes and clinical departments. PPN is part of SFR Necker, and it is also one of two constitutive laboratories of Paris Descartes University proteomics platform (3P5). Since 2011, PPN is a strong partner of the mass spectrometry APHP Necker Platform for the development of innovative translational proteomics approaches. The instrumental park of PPN includes two new-generation mass spectrometers dedicated to high throughput analysis and quantification of proteins.

Through its activities of service, collaboration and research and development, the PPN offers state of the art technology and expertise to help understanding disease (PTMs, differential and interaction proteomics) and to develop diagnostic/prognostic clinical tests by MS (translational and targeted proteomics).


  • Alain Charbit  
    Référent scientifique  
  • Chiara Guerrera  01 72 60 63 31 
    Responsable de plateforme  


    The PPN is equipped with:

    • Nano-RSLC coupled to a Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap (Thermoscientifics)
    • UPLC coupled to a TQS Xevo (Waters) (shared with MS APHP Necker Platform)
    • MALDI TOF TOF Autoflex (Bruker)
    • Nano-HPLC coupled to a Ion Trap HCTplus (Bruker)
    • 1D and 2D PAGE equipment (Biorad)
    • OFFgel Fractionator (Agilent)
    • Janus automate (PerkinElmer)
    • ImagePREP (Bruker)



    The PPN has access to:

    • Nano-RSLC coupled to a Q Exactive Orbitrap (Thermoscientifics) (on 3P5, site Cochin)
    • Nano-RSLC coupled to a LTQ Orbitrap Velos (Thermoscientifics) (on 3P5, site Cochin)



    Site Broussais Site Necker

    Bureau L-162 (1er étage), Bâtiment Leriche, Porte 9

    Labo MS L-114 (RDCB), Bâtiment Leriche, Porte 9

    Bureau Batiment Hamburger  (RDC)

    Labo MS, Biochimie B, tours Lavoisier (4éme étage)

    14 Rue Maria Helena Vieira Da Silva
    CS61431, 75993 Paris cedex 14
    156 rue du Vaugirard,
    75015 Paris
    Tél. : 01 72 60 63 31 Tél. : 01 44 49 47 81


    Expertise and service provided:

    • Consulting for researchers and design of  tailored strategy for their project
    • Protein identification for simple or complex mixtures
    • Protein identification and quantification (using SILAC, ITRAQ, Labelfree approaches)
    • Protein absolute quantification (using MRM and PRM approaches)
    • Statistical and bioinformatics data analysis (using mainly Mascot, Skyline, MaxQuant, Perseus software)
    • System biology analysis through proteins network graph (using mainly Ingenuity, AmiGO software

      Proposed applications:

    • Identification of novel protein-protein, RNA-protein, DNA-protein interactions
    • Identification and quantification of PTMs, such as acetylation and phosphorylation
    • Study of global differential proteome in disease vs control
    • Multiplexed dosage of known proteins
    • Biomarkers discovery and validation
    • Quality checks of recombinant proteins
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