IFR Necker-Enfants Malades (IRNEM – IFR 94) was replaced with SFR Necker on January 1st, 2014. It is officially recognized by four public institutions, namely AP-HP, CNRS, INSERM and Université de Paris. SFR Necker is entrusted with the development and optimization of technological platforms, as well as contributing to scientific activities on Necker/Broussais site.

To date, 13 platforms are operational and some of them are accessible to researchers and partners institutions from Ile de France Region.

SFR Necker regroups two new research entities, INEM and Imagine institutes, together with 9 clinical poles.

The Imagine Institute is composed of 24 research groups oriented toward deciphering the genetic and molecular basis from a large number of inherited disorders.  

The INEM institute is a Center for Molecular Medicine with 19 research groups split in two departments: a department of Immunology, Infectiology and Haematology (I2H) with active biomedical interest in the fields of pathogen infections, auto-immune diseases and lymphoid development and a department of cell biology (designated Growth and Signaling) concerned with normal and pathological ion transport processes and regulation of cell growth.

The teams of these two institutes work in close interactions with the clinical departments to develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic strategies focused on medical specialties represented in the Necker hospital.