Current Projects

Interdisciplinary approaches to aging and death in cellular lineages
Phenotypic diversity within cellular lineages
Sex in bacteria

Short Bio

1991: B.S. in Microbiology from Penn State University
Thesis: Elongation Factor Tu in starvation signaling in E. coli
Supervised by Prof. Robert Bernlohr

1999: Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Harvard University
Thesis: Disulfide bond metabolism in Escherichia coli
Supervised by Prof. Jon Beckwith

Current: Inserm Young Investigator at Necker Children’s Hospital; Paris, France
Theme: Mechanisms of aging and death in Escherichia coli
Advisors: Miroslav Radman, François Taddei

Publications and presentations

Stewart E.J., Madden R., Paul G., Taddei F. (2005) Aging and Death in an Organism that Reproduces by Morphologically Symmetric Division. PloS Biol, 3(2): e45.

Guyon J., Bize A., Paul G., Stewart E.J., Delmas J-F. and Taddei F. (2005) Statistical Study of Cellular Aging. ESAIM Proc. In press. Proceedings of the CEMRACS Summer Mathematical Research Center on Scientific Computing and Its Applications: Mathematics and Applications in Biology and Medicine.

Stewart E.J., Madden R., Paul G., Taddei F. (2004) Aging in Escherichia coli. Poster presented at the Systems Biology of Ageing Workshop, November 10-11 2004. University of Newcastle, UK.

Stewart E.J., Madden, R., Taddei F., Radman M., (2002) The causes of death in Escherichia coli: chance or necessity? Poster presented at Genetics and Genomics of Microbial Systems, April 12-15 2002. Prieuré St. Lazare, Fontevraud l'Abbaye, France. Also presented at the 2nd International Conference on Analysis of Microbial cells at the Single Cell Level, June 2-4, 2002. Vejle, Denmark

Stewart E.J., Katzen F., Beckwith J., (1999) Six conserved cysteines of the membrane protein DsbD are required for the transfer of electrons from the cytoplasm to the periplasm of Escherichia coli. EMBO J. 18(21): 5963-5971

Stewart E.J., Åslund F., Beckwith J., (1998) Disulfide bond formation in the Escherichia coli cytoplasm: an in vivo role reversal for the thioredoxins. EMBO J. 17(19): 5543-5550

Stewart E.J., Åslund F., Beckwith J., (1997) The last of the E. coli thioredoxins. Poster presented at the Molecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages 50th anniversary meeting.
Madison, WI

Murphy C.K., Stewart E.J., Beckwith J., (1995) A double counter-selection system for the study of null alleles of essential genes in Escherichia coli. Gene 155(1): 1-7.

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