Constitutive research teams

SFR Necker federates 44 research groups in two research entities, INEM and Imagine institutes, together with 9 clinical poles.

  • Institut Necker-Enfants Malades – INEM,  Inserm U1151 CNRS UMR8253 – Xavier Nassif

Department of cell biology "Growth and Signaling" - Fabiola Terzi

Team #

1.            Cellular homeostasis and signaling in liver and kidney pathophysiology, P. Codogno - G. Friedlander

2.            Epithelial channelopathies: Cystic Fibrosis and other diseases, I. Sermet - A. Edelman

3.            Inhibition of ribosome biogenesis: effects on cellular homeostasis and pathological implications, S. Fumagalli

4.            PRL/GH pathophysiology: translational approaches, V. Goffin              

5.            Cell growth control by nutrients, M. Pende

6.            Mechanisms and therapeutic strategies of chronic kidney diseases, F. Terzi

14.          Hormonal regulation of brain development and functions, F. Oury

17.          Mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism in health and disease, T. Wai

Department of Immunology, Infectiology and Haematology (I2H) - Peter van Endert

7.            Immunoregulation and immunopathology, L. Chatenoud - M. Leite de Moraes

8.            Regulatory T cell biology and biotherapy applications, J. Davoust

9.            Antigen presentation by MHC molecules: mechanisms and impact of Toll-like receptors, P. van Endert

10.          Normal and pathological lymphoid differentiation, E. Macintyre

11.          Pathogenesis of systemic infections, X. Nassif - A. Charbit

12.          Development of the immune system, C.-A. Reynaud

13.          Differentiation and physiology of T lymphocytes, B. Rocha - S. Ezine

15.          Plasticity of the genome and the infections, L. Arbibe

16.         Immunity in health and disease, S. Fillatreau


  • Imagine Institute U1163, Inserm U1163 – Alain Fischer

Team #

1.            Laboratory of genome dynamics in the immune system, J.-P. de Villartay - P. Revy

2.            Laboratory of normal and pathological homeostasis of the immune system, G. de Saint Basile

3.            Laboratory of pathological models of self-tolerance defects,  F. Rieux-Laucat

4.            Laboratory of lymphocyte activation and susceptibility to EBV, S. Latour

5.            Laboratory of human lymphohematopoiesis, M. Cavazzana - I. André-Schmutz

6.            Laboratory of embryology and genetics of congenital malformation, S. Lyonnet

7.            Laboratory of molecular and physiopathological bases of osteochondrodysplasias, V. Cormier-Daire

8.            Laboratory of genetic and pathophysiological bases of autoinflammatory diseases, A. Smahi

9.            Laboratory of molecular and pathophysiological bases of cognitive disorders, L. Colleaux

10           Laboratory of genetics in ophthalmology, J.-M. Rozet

11.          Laboratory of CTG repeat instability and myotonic dystrophy type 1, G. Gourdon

12.          Laboratory of genetics of mitochondrial disorders, A. Rötig

13.          Laboratory of genetic skin diseases: from disease mechanisms to treatments, A. Hovnanian

14.          Laboratory of origins and functions of skeletal stem cells in bone repair (ATIP-AVENIR Team), C. Colnot

15.          Laboratory of human genetics of infectious diseases - Genetic immunology of infectious diseases team, J.-L. Casanova

16.          Laboratory of human genetics of infectious diseases - Genetic epidemiology of infectious diseases team, L. Abel

17.          Laboratory of hereditary kidney diseases - Team 1,  C. Antignac

18.          Laboratory of hereditary kidney diseases - Team 2, S. Saunier

19.          Laboratory of interactions of the intestinal epithelium and the immune system, N. Cerf-Bensussan

20.          Laboratory of cellular and molecular basis of normal hematopoiesis and hematological disorders: therapeutic implications, Olivier Hermine

21.          Laboratory of neurogenetics and neuroinflammation,  Y. Crow

22.          Laboratory of epithelial biology and disease, M. Simons

23.          Chromatin and gene regulation during development, A. Miccio

24.          Heart morphogenesis, S. Meilhac

25.          Clinical bioinformatics laboratory, A. Rausell

26.          Inflammatory response and transcriptomic networks in diseases, M. Ménager

26.         Genetics ans development of the cerebral cortex, A. Pierani

  • Clinical poles

Pole 1.   General pediatrics, J. De Blic             

Pole 2.   Center of pediatric surgery,  Y. Aigrain

Pole 3.   Perinatalogy and pediatric cardiology,  Y. Dumez

Pole 4.   Imaging, F. Brunelle

Pole 5.   Biology, M. Vekemans

Pole 6.   Hematology, immunology, infectiology,  A. Fischer

Pole 7.   Intensive care and anaesthesia, G. Cheron

Pole 8.   Kidney and heart, C. Legendre

Pole 9.   Public health and clinical research,  J.-M. Treluyer


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